Those responsible.

Portrait of the artist with an enormous, thirsty cat

Velveteen Robot, Inc. is a creative services company based in Denver, Colorado. Founded by me, Michael David King (hi!) in 2013, Velveteen Robot provides visual design, art direction, consultation, web, posters, publications, multimedia, and just about anything else requiring creative elbow grease. With 10 years’ experience as a creative-type, I’ve worked with with folks like Illegal Pete’s, The Onion, Amazon Studios, Hachette Book Group, Examiner.com, Denver Relief, The Grawlix, Birdy Magazine, The Denver Post, and myriad entrepreneurs, promotors, authors, comics, and more.

So what’s with that name? Well, in 2004 I was in a band and, like all bands, we had plenty of beer-fueled hilarity coming up with prospective band names. One of the options we threw out was ‘The Velveteen Robot,’ a silly pun on a beloved children’s book. A few days later, I found that the domain was available and snatched it up. In the years since, VelveteenRobot.com has served under several incarnations as a distribution point for my creative output. So when it came time to branch out and formalize my business, the answer was clear. It’s a seriously cheeky name for a seriously cheeky creative enterprise. So be it.