““I am a third-generation, graphic artist. My grandfather was a sign painter in WWII and my mom was also a graphic artist. So I grew up with the tools of an artist”

—Breckenridge Brewery interview with me about their summer concert poster series

” Denver taqueria Illegal Pete’s created one of the best videos of April Fools’ 2019 with this fake commercial”

— on the video I created for Illegal Pete’s

“Perpetual doers like King keep Denver’s creative underground humming and lively”

—Westword’s Colorado Creative Interview

“A prolific graphic designer, King’s work has become part of the visual landscape of the Denver music scene and beyond”

—Westword Best Of Denver in ‘The Twelve Best Concert Poster Designers In Denver.’

“It reflects so many of the things that make CPJ and Colorado great, and most importantly, looks awesome on a t-shirt.”

—Denver Post on City Park Jazz 2014’s new branding I did

“Michael David King, formerly of The Onion, is a freelance designer who does a ton of collateral for Denver’s comedy community.”

—The Denver Egotist: Meet Michael King, designer for Denver’s comedy scene.

“Our brilliant Art Director Michael King collaborated with all of us to create some of the most ridiculous environmental items that might give the viewer a clue that the school itself is struggling a bit itself.”

—Huffington Post on Those Who Can’t and some of the fun sight gags and comedic design I did as Production Designer/Art Director

“The album covers closely resemble one another because we both wanted to use Denver treasure Michael King and that art style, so I figured, ‘Hey, let’s have them make a larger picture.'”

—Huffington Post writeup on Adam Cayton-Holland and Andrew Orvedahl’s comedy CDs and the packaging I designed.