Amazon Studios: Those Who Can’t

In the fall of 2012 I worked on the original Amazon Studios/Image Brew comedy pilot Those Who Can’t, a story of three misfit high school teachers played by Denver’s Grawlix. As Production Designer, I created the look and feel of the fictional Buchannan High School: school mascot, signage, props, background easter egg jokes,  and even fake food for the school cafeteria. 

In 2015, TruTV announced that it had ordered Those Who Can’t as its first scripted sitcom.

School athletics and team spirit
Rory Scovel is wearing my cardigan.
We got so many requests to sell that mug design.
I even got to play the school janitor, cleverly called “Mike.”
Some behind the scenes action with cast and directors The Nix Bros.
There’s that handsome janitor, again.
The absurd school Mascot ‘Terry the Tariff’ even made it into the TruTV version of the show.