Birdy Magazine

In 2012 I helped found Birdy Magazine, a celebrated arts and culture monthly in Denver and beyond. I had worked with Deer Pile founder Jonny DeStefano in Denver’s creative scene for awhile, and we were soon joined by Christy Thacker and Kayvan Khalatbari. After a year of planning and development, we launched our first print edition in January of 2013.

A full color, monthly publication, Birdy showcases art, culture, comedy, and more, all with a Colorado-centric lens. The ongoing goal has been to provide a collectible, high-quality document of Denver’s burgeoning creative scene. Some notables we partnered with include Museum of Contemporary Art DenverMark MothersbaughSexpot Comedy, Meow Wolf, and the hundreds of contributors who continue to help make Birdy a huge success.

70+ issues and counting!
Each issue was designed to be iconic and highly collectible. Back issues have become quite sought-after.
Part of designing the magazine every month meant creating plenty of content, like these 2 fun back covers
We even put on plenty of events, like this monthly one at Alamo Drafthouse.
Here’s Devo and Fred Armisen getting up close and personal with issue 54.

After 67 issues I retired from monthly design duties in July 2019, handing off the reigns to the next generation of talented artists and print designers, though you still might see some of my art and humor pop up here and there. I’m incredibly proud of all the hard work we put into making Birdy the institution it’s become. Long live Birdy!