Illegal Pete’s

From 2015 to 2020 I was embedded at Illegal Pete’s as their Art Director and Senior Designer. Our shared passion for the creative scene in Denver led to me taking ownership of the entire visual brand. Here are a few of my favorite moments.

Menus and brochures and thousands of printables, oh my

Catering with sternos means we need to supply a flame source; why not make it an engaging brand piece?

These collectible matchbooks have a trick up their sleeve…
Collect all 8 designs…
…and a hidden Pete appears! WWPD: What Would Pete Do?

Who doesn’t love a comfortable, catchy tee?

I’ve designed dozens of shirts for Pete’s.
These are a few of my personal favorites.

A new catering option provided a chance to do something really playful and party-ready.

The Burrito Basket: a party-sized conveyance that also has a little bonus.
When the eating is done…
…fold down the cut-out rim and take your best shot.

I branded a lot of big-ticket events, and probably got real crazy at them, too.

I helped create the Dusk Music Festival in Tucson, AZ.
For Illegal Pete’s 20th Anniversary we threw a huge party at Red Rocks.

I guided the company through 2 website redesigns.

2016’s website was eclectic and punchy.
The 2018 redesign was focused on clarity and approachability.

I even got to write and direct a commercial for an April Fool’s haute-cuisine concept. Watch the full commercial here.

Adam Cayton-Holland doing his finest late-period Orson Welles.

And then there’s just a lot of random fun stuff.

Ho ho ho!